Days 45 & 46 of Isolation

I really need to use the schedule feature!  I start the post and then forget to go back and hit publish!

Days are really starting to blur together for me.  In the old days, different mornings had different activities, even if it was stopping to get breakfast on the way to work.  It made each day slightly different.  Now, every morning seems the same.  At the beginning of all this, it had an ending date 3 weeks away, sameness was ok.  Then it shifted to 6 weeks, sameness is ok.  Now, will this ever end?

The current morning routine feels just like a typical Saturday.  If we have work obligations, the meetings aren’t early in the morning so there is no need to set alarms or rush (now that I don’t sleep beyond noon!)

Some might think that since we get 9 weeks off every summer, we would be used to this.  We aren’t!  Our usual summer time off doesn’t have this sameness.  We are going from place to place and doing different things in different places.  If it is a driving day, you get up and prep the RV for travel.  If it is a relax day, you relax.  If it is an outing day, you do the outing.  Every day isn’t planned out in detail but you have different routines depending on the day and usually know before that morning what is generally happening.

I need to figure out a way to shake things up.  Any suggestions on how you have modified your mornings to make each day a little different during this uniquely different time?



4 thoughts on “Days 45 & 46 of Isolation

  1. I’ve felt like that about the last 2 weeks. The only different thing I do is go into work at 5 am Monday mornings for about 10 minutes and then go right back home. Before all this, I would stop at Einstein’s on Monday mornings instead of going straight to work. I keep wondering if it would be safe to try it but I’m not going to. Maybe next Monday I will take a long way home just to be out a little longer.

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  2. I walk after a few hours of work, and it really helps. It clears my mind and makes me feel like I am doing good taking care of my health. I try to choose different paths sometimes and really look at the scenery, like houses, and try to define them in mind. It is some sort of exercise 🙂

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