Decluttering Old Receipts and More

I finally have some breathing room. School started 8 weeks ago and I’ve had little time for anything other than teaching and lesson planning for this “wonderful” experiment called distance learning. I’m not complaining (much) – it’s just very time consuming planning and prepping for this versus in person instruction.

When I sat down at my desk today to do a few things, I noticed the growing pile of old receipts. We keep certain receipts until the return date has passed. Well, I think some from 2017 and 2018 qualify!

Today I decluttered 31 receipts!

On a completely different decluttering note, I reached the body fat decluttering milestone of 50 pounds!! Got on the scale yesterday – 50.1 pounds decluttered from my body!!

Do I get to mark those off on my 2020 things decluttered in 2020??

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