New Dog!

Our friend Nancy is a dog lover – not your “I love dogs” but “I REALLY LOVE DOGS!!” kind of person. We had mentioned summer 2019 that we were thinking of getting a playmate for Wall-E. She knew we wanted a small dog that was not yippy.

Over the last year, she would forward me pictures of rescue dogs that might meet our requirement. This time, since we are home all the time, we figured why not. We are both teaching from home until at least January. It’s not like we have anything going on!! [sarcasm! we are crazy busy with school stuff right now]

The rescue friend of Nancy’s had a small dog about a year old, gentle and quiet. We went over to Nancy’s on Sunday to meet Maggie (we changed her spelling to Magg-E)

We came home with a new dog! She is gentle and so far quiet. She growls at the TV when something catches her eye that she doesn’t like. She also growls if we walk her towards the car. Thankfully, she is 9.3 pounds and can be picked up to go into the car.

Magg-E visited the local vet on Tuesday morning for her shots (since we don’t know if she ever had any) and to get her lady internal parts removed. She came home with the cone of shame – Wall-E is NOT a fan of her cone. She loves to play with him yet the cone annoys him.

Now to work on removing her tear stains.

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