Hi everyone! It’s been a while and we are doing ok.

School started back up and we are CRAZY busy trying to effectively teach virtually. Challenging to say the least! This is one of my stressors right now so I’m not going to talk about it!

I came down with a few “sickness” symptoms Thursday. Fever, fatigue, headache. That evening, Kiddo #2, the pediatrician, wondered why I hadn’t called to arrange a COVID test. My response, which pushed her over the edge: “It’s not COVID. It’s just my normal back to school, run down, fever, body response.”

Kiddo #2 asked me to look at the COVID symptoms most likely to be experienced – fever, fatigue, and headache make the top 5 list.

So, I got COVID tested. The next morning at our clinic’s drive-though testing. Friday the results are in – NEGATIVE.

(I want to shout “I TOLD YOU SO!”)

By the way, I have Crohn’s disease and these are always my symptoms early in a flair and over the years. I’ve learned to listen to my body and take a breather.

Now to let my body relax a little. I haven’t done anything work related for the last 2 days. I think I’ll read blog posts all day today!

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