Fancy Friday – Jan 8, 2021

I’m going to use the “fine china” at least once a week. We had our first Fancy Friday last night and decided on a few “rules”.

  • The china and sterling will be used to eat on/with.
  • If we order take out (at this point highly unlikely) it will be removed from the takeout containers and put onto the “fancy” dinnerware.
  • Fancy clothing is not required unless we agree there is a special celebration – kiddo #2 comes home and immediately showers after being at the hospital/clinic and is reluctant to redress in fancy clothes afterwards. Can’t blame her in the least! Maybe later in the year.
  • If something breaks, I will not be upset. This stuff, which I love, has been sitting in the cupboard way too long unused and is, after all, just stuff to be used.

It only took 10 months of pandemic, 2 major holidays without family (other than the 3 of us), and the death of my mom to realize if I love it enough to keep it, I will use it!

6 thoughts on “Fancy Friday – Jan 8, 2021

  1. I love this! In 2015, my mom gave us a full set of fancy flatware that she had saved in a drawer for 30+ years. I immediately unboxed it and put it to use, replacing all the odd mismatched spoons and forks we had been using before. She was a bit horrified to say the least, but I thought (and still do) that things are meant to be used and what better way to honor her gift than that. We still use them everyday and they still look just as pretty as they did in the box šŸ˜Š. PS – your table looks amazing!

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  2. Brilliant! There are far too many fancy pieces of crockery in existence, sitting on shelves in homes, behind glass, or even boxed away, either never being used, or supposedly saved for those very rare special occasions. Kind of like exotic cars with only a few miles on the clock, or my Christmas socks, which now live with my other socks!

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