A little decluttering

We decided to do a little decluttering – just one box in the garage.

Hours later the box is empty and we have removed old yearbooks – yep, old yearbooks. When was the last time you looked at your old junior high/middle school and high school yearbooks? Ours had been in boxes untouched for at least 31 years. As we looked through them, some people who signed we remembered but most were unrecognized.

In the same box were 2 photo albums and several envelopes of pictures. My photo album had random pictures from junior high based on the house they were taken in. There was nothing that sparked “joy” or even any feelings when I saw them. They were decluttered.

John’s photo album was one his aunt put together when she took him on a cruise through the South Pacific when he was about junior high age. Most of the pictures were of scenery that he didn’t recognize. He also decluttered them.

Moral of the story – label those pictures! The label might spark a memory.

9 thoughts on “A little decluttering

  1. I remember when I received my final school year photo that I intended to write a list of everyone’s names to go with it, because I knew I would forget them… I never did write that list…

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    • I assumed I would remember everyone! I don’t see a single person I went to high school with – interests change over time and life happens to cause physical and emotional separation for a variety of reason. I would say I’m definitely a different person than I was in the 70’s!


      • It is the same for me. Partly because I moved away from the area, but also with Facebook I caught up briefly with a few people years ago, but then it felt like we were living different lives now.

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