Mom’s House finally for sale!

It is just a week short of a year since mom’s passing. We finally got probate started. Hopefully there aren’t more creditors than we knew about.

Next on the list was getting the house ready to sell. And we (mostly my brother) got it accomplished!

Some of the “chores” completed before listing it for sale were:

  • everything removed from house, garage, and storage shed in the back – this was quite a feat! I have gone through more boxes of stuff than I care to remember or mention!
  • paint inside and outside of house
  • new stove and dishwasher
  • new carpet
  • yard cleaned up
  • a few minor repairs

Thankfully, mom wasn’t a hoarder. I can’t imagine what hoarder descendants have to go through to prep a house for sale. Now we are just waiting for an offer.

As a reminder, please make arrangements prior to your death. A will would have made our lives so much easier, a trust would have been even better.

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