July 2020 in Isolation – we had to escape our house!

As you have noticed, I haven’t written about July. So much has been going on so here’s the recap since the last post.

We bought Pedego bikes!! These electric bikes are awesome!! See below.

We also: (posts will follow soon!)

  • We went “camping” in Watsonville, California.
  • We went camping at East Fork/Rock Creek area near Mammoth Lakes, California.
  • We’re getting things ready for Kiddo #2 to move back in. More decluttering!
  • We’re getting ready to do distance teaching!

On our trip to the Bay Area (CA) to visit Kiddo #1, Grandkiddo #1, and Kiddo-in-law, we took the bikes and logged 15 miles going to the park and the BART station to watch trains with Grandkiddo. It was an amazing 5 days with them over the 4th of July weekend.

The bikes have pedal assist. If it senses you need a boost (because you slow down while pedaling I think), it gives you a little extra. You can also use it as a non-pedaling electric bike. We played with that feature but don’t really use it. The point of the purchase was to get us moving. Pedal assist is enough for us.

It handles sloped areas well and really rides nicely on flat streets. We went on a few hills while camping and it went well. It was the first time on bikes for both of us in about 25 years so there was a slight relearning curve we had to deal with. Overall, I would highly recommend the bike.

Grandkiddo, who is now 29 months, was in awe of the motorhome parked in her driveway. You should have seen her face when the walls moved out! She even got to take a small ride around the block as we were getting ready to attach the car. MIND BLOWN!!

  • “your house has wheels!?”
  • “your house can move?!
  • “my house doesn’t go bye-bye.”
  • “I want to use your potty.” [her mommy said she had to potty in her house.]

I so wish we could have taken her with us to Watsonville.

4 thoughts on “July 2020 in Isolation – we had to escape our house!

    • hahaha advantage of a motorhome! It was crazy busy near Mammoth when we ventured down the hill. Guess everyone had the same idea but I think they were staying in hotels in Mammoth. They looked like they never camped based on what they were wearing!

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  1. Those bikes look impressive. I meet a number of people who have taken up ebiking; it’s certainly gaining popularity where I live and I love how uplifting and rewarding it is for the people I’ve spoken to… that’s the vibe I get and I like to encourage it. It’s also fun to have people to overtake when I’m out cycling, and I get an extra little buzz when it’s an ebike and I’m passing under my own power 😀

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    • The bikes are wonderful! If there is a slight incline and you just can’t quite make it to the top, you turn the throttle to help you out.

      I’m impressed you pass the ebikes! At one point without pedal assist, we were going about 20 miles per hour (not sure what that is in km/hr). It has a maximum electric speed of 25 miles/hr – above that it has to be licensed as a vehicle.

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