Game of Thrones Book #5 finally finished

So I finally finished reading the currently published series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin, better known as the Game of Thrones books.  It has taken me right about 2 years to read these 5 books.  If you were contemplating reading the series, be ready for a long haul.  It was hard to stay with this last one.

It really seemed like this last book was more forced with little plot movement or character development.  Could it be due to the release of the HBO series?  Was he “forced” to write this “new” book because of the series?  If so, the next two books may not be read by me.   I think I’ll watch the HBO Series instead.

Book #1 – A Game of Thrones – 848 pages
Book #2 – A Clash of Kings – 761 pages
Book #3 – A Storm of Swords – 1177 pages
Book #4 – A Feast for Crows – 1061 pages
Book #5 – A Dance with Dragons – 1113 pages

Total number of pages in series so far = 4960 pages

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