the darn spice cabinet

I’m not even sure why I opened the spice cabinet this morning.  It still hasn’t come back to me.  But when I opened the cabinet, there were 4 new bottles of spices lined up across the opening.  John went shopping!

But then I inspected them more closely.  All 4 bottles were for spices we already had plenty of!

First thought – “OMG How much did that cost?”

Next thought – “This cupboard is a disaster!”

Imagine the “heated” discussion we had about the purchase of spices!  After decluttering the cupboard, we have a lifetime supply of ground cumin, cumin seeds, cayenne pepper, Old Bay, ground ginger, poultry seasoning, and whole allspice.  All are duplicates of full bottles.

So in all, I decluttered 6 bottles of consolidated spices and old stuff (Fruit Fresh anyone?  And how about an old Mrs. Dash?)

I was able to consolidate the Old Bay and garlic powder.  Both had a large container and a small container.  (Note:  Our Old Bay large container (6 oz) is nothing compared to that found in the cupboard of a Marylander!)


Sorry not before and after pics of the cupboard but here’s the bag of duplicates.  They are going into the pantry with the new understanding that John is not allowed to purchase spices without “prior approval” (or at least making a concerted effort to confirm a duplicate doesn’t exist.)


13 thoughts on “the darn spice cabinet

  1. Ha! That’s too funny. This same thing happened to me a few years ago. I took my wedding gift spice set (the kind that is matching glass bottles on a lazy Susan) ripped off any name tags I would never use and refilled it with things I do use. 4 years later I still LOVE the space and time it saved me.

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  2. So funny! We have a cupboard of beans. When I asked my daughter, the grocery procerer why? She said, “I thought we were gonna make chili. For 6 months straight?? EVery day?? lol
    Good to see that John is still alive! lol Hopefully he can deal with his “punishment”!! lol

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  3. Do you think anyone ever uses up ALL their spices?! There are some places where you can go and get just a tablespoon or small amount of certain spices. Last year around Christmas I was talking to some co-workers and we were thinking it might make sense to share a lot of the spices we use only around the holidays, like split a container with a lot of people so everyone gets just what they need.

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