Day 22 of Isolation

Batch 1 of masks are finished.  Here’s what they look like finished.


John’s Mom (age 89) stopped by to drop off birthday card for Kiddo #2.  She didn’t get out of her car, rolled down the passenger window and practically threw the card out at us!  We ended up sitting on the front steps about 12 feet from her car and had a nice visit for about 45 minutes.  When she called, she made it obvious she was wanting to get out of her house and even took a very different route to our place to be out and about longer. She is about 9 miles away if you take the shortest route.  Based on her description, I bet she traveled 20 miles to get to our place!

We worry about her.  She invited neighbors over, claiming they sat on the patio and maintained at least 6 feet between them at all times.  Our county today issued orders that any gathering can only be with those people you live with except at essential outings (Dr, grocery, etc).  I assume the order is because of Holy Week.

How do we “force” her to stay home?


8 thoughts on “Day 22 of Isolation

  1. Yeah, same trouble with my Mama, except she doesn’t have a car. She keeps begging us come over and bring the babies. “NO! Mama, you are in the vulnerable group. You live with 72 people in the vulnerable group!” Finally we gave in to the begging enough to go over there, roll the windows down, and let her talk to the kids. It was ChunkChunk’s bd, and Mama COULD NOT stand it not to see her!
    Hope you Mom stays well!

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  2. I would say maybe remind her that she needs to stay indoors and can’t have people over for the time being. Maybe see if she has things to keep herself occupied, TV, movies, books, puzzles, sorting out stuff, organizing, call people on the phone, listen to music, go through old photos, etc. Maybe get her things to do if needed.

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