Day 100 of Isolation – decluttering the extra closet

Since Kiddo #2 was home for 24 hours, we decluttered her bedroom closet. Yep it is still called her bedroom and kiddo#1’s room is still hers. Kiddo #2 left home 13 years ago but some things never change!

Kiddo #2’s room is set up with a bed and dresser.

Kiddo #1’s room has the extra TV, bookcase, and sofa sleeper. When she visits, that’s were she sleeps, even if Kiddo#2’s room is not being used. Silly girls!

Here’s the 117 items decluttered!!

5 thoughts on “Day 100 of Isolation – decluttering the extra closet

  1. Those are some interesting books!! Those titles sure make you wonder about covid, don’t they? Anyways, yes, closets certainly seem to make things multiply!

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    • haha yep!

      Kiddo’s Masters degree is officially “Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases”

      Guess it makes sense she had these stored in her closet here. We kept a few she recommended. She was a fan of Dr. Fauci long before the pandemic.

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