Old Cellphones

kiddo #2 (looking in the extra room’s closet for some random other thing): What’s in this old shoebox? Who’s is it?

me: Well, it’s our old cellphones.

kiddo #2: Why did you keep them?

me: We were told that if you dispose of an old phone, some mystery “someone” would be able to access all kinds of personal information from it. Just like all the conspiracy theories floating around right now, this might be a legitimate one.

kiddo#2 (rolls eyes and walks out of room mumbling): whatever Mom.

me (pondering voiceover): maybe I should go through these – definitely more interesting than lesson planning.

A trip down cellphone memory lane.

My first cell phone was a purchase by my Mom. She was worried I was driving alone at night and so bought the phone and paid for the first year of service. This was about 1990-1991. I still have the same phone number! This monster had a plan for 60 minutes of talk per month.

We upgraded in the late 90’s to the Nokia phone of the day. We also got one for John at that time. No idea where the other one is but it’s information is probably out there being used for nefarious purposes!

Now I have to clarify that some of these phones belonged to the kiddos. My mom also felt when they got to high school they needed their own phone. She again purchased and paid for the first year and all these years later, we are still paying!

Remember when you could look at a text and it didn’t count against your 50 per month???

13 thoughts on “Old Cellphones

  1. I am positive that I have every single one of these phones in my house!! Lol!! Besides the Nefarious Others getting our personal info, I figure that each of the newer old ones also have unloaded pics and contacts so I keep them too. When my youngest kids were in middle school, we were told they shouldn’t bring cellphones to school. Then they lost one of the kids at a track meet and as I was panicking, the teacher said, “well why doesn’t she have a cellphone?” So, they got cellphones in middle school.

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