Feeling Exhausted, part 1

I feel like it was just yesterday I was writing a post, but it has been months!

I don’t know about you, but the last 2 years has been trying.

2 years ago we had an unknown illness “coming our way”. The uncertainty of it all was stressful and exhausting. Should we stay home or work; should we wear masks or not; should we get vaccinated or not; can we travel or not; is it really a surge or not; the list could go on! There were so many conflicting messages being given to the public, especially at the beginning of all this.

2 year later we are approaching 1,000,000 dead in the US (976,241 according to Johns Hopkins website at the time I published this) with the possibility of another surge. It is exhausting to hear some say this is not a big deal: it is just a cold; it is just like the flu. Almost 1 million people have died! And lets not forget the unknown long-term effects. If this virus can cause people to lose their sense of taste and smell, it is affecting the nervous system. How is it going to play out? Who knows – more studies will be needed.

And then you have some scientists/medical professionals who aren’t willing to engage in the scientific process. I made this hypothesis 2 years ago and by golly, I know I’m right. All the data collected has to be “invalid” because it makes my hypothesis wrong. OH MY GOODNESS! Everyone is wrong some of the time! Get you ego out of the way and look at the data!

The whole point of the scientific process is that you have a question or issue to solve, you develop a hypothesis or experimental prototype, experiment and gather data, analyze data and draw a conclusion based on the data available. As more data is available, shouldn’t you also look at that?? Why are some not willing to accept that their hypothesis was wrong? That is the BIG lesson I teach my middle school students – you may have made an incorrect hypothesis; what did you learn though?

This seems like a good stopping point since I moved into work!

Now to go find some sunshine and enjoy spring break.

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