Feeling Exhausted, part 2

Yesterday’s post, Feeling Exhausted part 1, was therapeutic. Mixed messages drive me crazy normally and the last 2 years have been “interesting” to say the least. It was a frustration I didn’t realize was so strong until I started writing.

In part 1 I diverted into some of the unknowns of the pandemic and how we receive so many mixed messages. I touched on the number of people who have died of COVID in 2 years (almost a million at this writing). That sparked a weird grief sadness that was unexpected. We have had several friends/acquaintances die because of a COVID infection (yet no family members) but they aren’t the people I was thinking about.

So many more have passed due to non-COVID related illnesses and our grieving process has been very different than usual – dare I say interrupted? So many questions popped into my head and continued into the night last night.

Is grieving being put on hold by the population/world? Is this affecting community relations? Is this affecting my mental exhaustion? Is the pandemic affecting if people seeking medical care? When will we be able to honor them?


Even without a pandemic, every one has a hidden “grief” they are working through – remember kindness!

We miss you Mom, Aunt Kathy, Cousin Bret, and Nephew Nico.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Exhausted, part 2

  1. I am so sorry for the family you have lost. My 22 year old cousin died in the second wave. I think our shared anxiety has made people behave badly. Etiquette seems to have been lost along with a sense of smell!!

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  2. Nothing about the pandemic makes any sense at all. Exhausting, frustrating, and ridiculous all come to mind. The only message that has remained constant throughout is that it’s all about the money.

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    • It does feel that way sometimes. I also think more people are willing to be rude – they’ve forgotten how to be polite since they have been “stuck” at home.

      Guess we will all need a manners refresher! I know my middle school students have definitely needed it more this year.

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