Yellowstone National Park – in the winter! (part 1)

So I decided to do some photo decluttering on my phone. As I was going through, I found the pictures from our trip to Yellowstone National Park. We took this trip January 2019 and somehow never wrote about it. Go figure! So over 3 years later, here are some of the highlights of the trip!

Donner Pass overlooking Donner Lake, California 29 Dec 2018 – our drought is very evident! This is the infamous area of the Oregon Trail Donner party. (Link to wikipedia page)

Donner Lake, 29 Dec 2018

We arrived at the Mammoth Hotel 2 Jan 2019 for a 7 am check in. The hotel itself was not open but the lobby was open for those catching the shuttle to the Old Faithful area. The shuttle holds about 10 people. Your luggage is put onto a different vehicle and is at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge when you arrive.

To reserve the shuttle, you have to have hotel reservations. The same goes for reservation times to eat in the dining room.

By car in the summer (assuming no traffic or stops), this drive takes about 1.5 to 2 hours (50ish miles). This ride took us 4ish hours. The driver/guide made several stops along the way for sightseeing and a potty break.

Here is the shuttle John remembers as a kid visiting Yellowstone in the winter. A company for day trips is still using them!

Below is some of the wildlife (that we got pictures of) and of the scenery on the way to Old Faithful.

The coyote was hunting and we all stayed in the shuttle to watch. It eventually leaped and pounced head first into the snow. It was then chomping on something it caught under the snow. What an amazing experience to witness!!